Commonly Used Construction Equipment That Makes Site Work Easy

Are you someone who is soon set to carry out a construction project?

Then, having adequate knowledge of different construction equipment is essential. If you know about the commonly used equipment, it becomes easy to assess which one would suit your work site.

If you are not aware of the different construction equipment that makes construction work effortless, then don't worry. In this blog, we will discuss the various equipment that are top choices among professionals in the construction industry.

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Top 10 Common Construction Equipment

Here is a list of some equipment that you can consider to include in your project:

1. Concrete Mixer

In any construction undertaking, concrete is the material that one would use in the majority. It is the base for making durable and marvellous structures. It is better to use fresh concrete for better results. However, making concrete at construction sites with help from labour is not efficient. It will take a lot of time, plus labour these days is not cheap. But you can make fresh batches of concrete within less time with a concrete mixer. The equipment consists of a rotating drum that mixes the cement, water and other aggregates well.

2. Concrete Corer

The concrete corer serves the purpose of drilling holes to make space for pipelines or utility lines. The equipment works with precision, so it leaves no damage to the whole structure. The equipment is also suitable in cases where steel reinforcements are necessary to improve structural bearing.

3. Concrete Grinder

You can use a concrete grinder to smoothen out the rough surface of concrete. It has a disc which is sharp enough to remove extra layers of concrete. The equipment comes in many sizes. Mainly, it is ideal for grinding newly made floors. However, if you need to grind congested places precisely, an angle grinder is the best.

4. Concrete Screeding Bar

If the layers of concrete are not laid uniformly, then it can hamper the structure's integrity. To prevent uneven layers of concrete, you can rely on a screeding bar. The equipment removes excess concrete from the area, leaving behind a smooth floor.

5. Excavator

You can use this heavy equipment to lift and place heavy materials. Also, it is perfect for construction sites where you must make space by digging soil. However, you should refrain from using this equipment in enclosed spaces.

6. Skid Steer Loader

If your project involves landscaping, then you should consider incorporating a skid steer loader. The equipment saves you from hiring a lot of labour to do the site clearance job. It comes with an arm attached to the bucket, which drags the material from one place to another. The best part is that you can change the bucket attachment according to your preference.

7. Plate Compactor

It is equipment that you can use to create a levelled and compact surface. The compactor has a vibrating plate that tightens the loose granules by removing air gaps in the soil. If you are looking for Concrete Tools Near Me, then you will also come across a leg rammer, which is quite similar to a plate compactor. Both have the same function, but the difference lies in the size and pressure of both equipment. The leg rammer covers a small area but provides better compaction. On the other hand, you can use a plate compactor for compacting a larger surface. But its effect won't be as strong as that of a leg rammer.

8. Trailer

This equipment comes in handy when you need to transport materials and goods from one place to another. You can easily attach the equipment to your vehicle with the help of a tow bar. Also, you can choose from various types, such as enclosed, open, and cage trailers. For construction sites where one needs to locate loose material, such as sand or concrete, having a tip trailer is a must. It is a type of trailer that can lift its tray to dump down the loose material in one place. The dump truck trailer thus saves the effort and time of placing sand or cement.

9. Scissor Lift

It can become tricky to reach elevated places at construction sites with no stairs or lifts. Also, using an ordinary ladder is not ideal in some cases. So, to solve this problem, you can use the scissor lift to reach high places. The lift can handle both goods and people. However, you must place the equipment on even ground for its stability. Also, you need to ensure that the number of persons or goods does not exceed the limited capacity.

10. Boom Lift

The boom lift provides a heightened platform for people or other equipment. The platform connects to an extensible boom arm, which helps in lifting. However, it differs from a scissor lift as you can use this equipment in rough places and confined spaces.

We have seen some common construction equipment that you incorporate in your project or business. If you plan on using any of these equipment, you can either buy or rent the equipment. However, if you want to know which option would be better, then it is Construction Equipment Hire.

But why to lease equipment instead of owning it?

Let us see how you can benefit from renting construction equipment.

Why Choose Renting Construction Equipment?

  • It saves you money as you only pay for the period you decide to rent the equipment.
  • Access to the latest equipment, which is well maintained.
  • No worry about disposing of construction equipment after completion of the project.


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