Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Mixer

Are you someone starting a construction project? Do you need a quick and efficient way to produce fresh concrete?

Then, a concrete mixer can help you make fresh concrete. The concrete mixer makes fresh concrete mix using water, cement, and other aggregates. The work of a concrete mixer is to make the desired consistency of concrete workable for a particular project.

Using a concrete mixer instead of hiring workers to make the mixture is a more cost-effective and efficient option. There are numerous benefits to utilising this equipment which we will be discussing further.

Concrete Mixer Rent per day

If you are not familiar with the perks of using a concrete mixer, don't worry. We will discuss in detail the advantages of the equipment, the different types of concrete mixers available and how you can save money by renting a concrete mixer.

What are the Benefits Of Using a Concrete Mixer?

Many construction project supervisors usually hire labour to make concrete or use a readymade concrete mix. Both options, however, are not as feasible or effective as a concrete mixer. Let us see why it is better to go for a concrete mixer:

  • Cost-effective: The concrete mixer is more feasible, as you only need to put the materials inside it to get concrete. On the other hand, hiring labour for work is more expensive as the cost of wages will be higher than operating the equipment. You would need more workers if your project is large-scale. Therefore, the cost of making concrete will increase by hiring more workers. The ready-to-use mix is expensive and may not be cost-effective for small projects with limited budgets due to the bulk purchase of the mix in a concrete mixer truck.
  • Desired Consistency: A concrete mixer ensures that the cement, water, and aggregates are thoroughly combined in the correct proportions every time. This consistent mix results in predictable setting times, strength, and overall quality in your concrete project.
  • High-quality Concrete: Choosing a concrete mixer allows you to monitor the quality of the concrete. The quality of the concrete is on top as you are the one choosing the type of materials to put in the equipment. However, it is difficult to check on the quality of the concrete mix, which comes in readymade form from a supplier.
  • No Wastage: You will get a limited output from using a concrete mixer in one turn. Knowing how much concrete you get from operating a concrete mixer at once allows you to calculate the number of times you need to use equipment to obtain the desired quantity. This way, you are not wasting any product on the site, thus ensuring no unnecessary losses.

The benefits of using a concrete mixer are emphasized in the points mentioned above, with mixers being divided into two main types depending on how they generate mixing force.

If you want to know the options available in a concrete mixer, keep reading further.

Types of Concrete Mixers

  • Concrete Mixer Electric: This type of concrete mixer operates on electricity. It is best for sites where there is a power supply nearby.
  • Concrete Mixer Petrol: This equipment operates on petrol. It is ideal for remote sites where arranging an electric power supply is difficult.

We have seen the options you can avail of for your construction project. Choosing the type of concrete mixer depends on which source is more accessible at the site. If you want to incorporate a concrete mixer into your project, you should rent it instead of buying it.

But why hire this equipment instead of buying?

Keep reading further to know the reason.

Why is Renting a Concrete Mixer a Better Choice?

"The following points display why hiring a concrete mixer is a smart choice:

  • Expenses According to Use: If you buy a concrete mixer, the purchasing cost will be quite high, affecting the project's finances greatly. On the other hand, renting equipment reduces operating expenses as the money spent depends on how long you use the equipment. You can easily calculate the cost of renting the equipment by searching "Concrete Mixer Rent per Day."
  • Flexibility in Using Funds: Selecting renting options allows you to be flexible with finances. The cost of renting is much lower than buying, which allows one to allocate the funds to other resources or activities.


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