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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

We are open seven days a week and most public holidays.
Monday to Saturday 7:00 to 5:00 pm
Sunday and most public holidays 8:30 to 3:30pm

Are you open on public holidays?

Yes we open on most public holidays.
8:30 to 3:30 pm
We close Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Good Friday.

How do you charge for your equipment?

We charge for time out not time used, as while you have it, we can’t hire it to anyone else.
It is always wise if possible to plan your job so you have the equipment for the least amount of time.
At the time of collection we will ask you how long you think you will need the equipment. We will then charge you for the hire based on that time.
If you finish sooner we will refund the difference and if you keep it longer we will charge you the difference when you return it.
We don’t charge a deposit except on spray painting equipment.
All price quoted include GST

What form of identification do I need if I am a first time hirer?

In most cases just a current driver’s licence is all that’s needed.
If you don’t have a drivers licence then any photo id would be ok.

Will you photograph me at your premises?

For security reasons both the Police and our insurance company are interested in what you look like if you don’t return our equipment by the due date.
So we will scan or photo copy your licence and you and your vehicle will be recorded on closed circuit television (cct) video camera through out our premises.
This cct footage is recorded and monitored off site by a security company.

Do you charge a deposit?

No we do not charge a deposit on all most all of our equipment.
We find most people will pay for any extra hire on return so there is no need.
The only items that we do charge a deposit on is our spray painting equipment due to the high cost of cleaning, if these items are returned with paint on or in them.

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash or Credit Cards.

We do not accept American Express or Dinners.

We are sorry to say that we do not accept Amex or Dinners cards.

What if I only require the equipment for a few hours?

On almost all of our equipment we do what we call a half day rate.

What is a half day rate?

The half day rate can be misleading.
What we mean by a half day is, half of an eight hour working day or in other words, four hours from the time off collection, give or take a half hour or so.
For many years the hire industry had a minimum of one day hire but many people even though they had finished with the equipment, would hang on to it because they had paid for the full day.
Now we give you an incentive to return it when you finish with it, so we can service it and have it ready for the next customer.
The half day rate is usually about 20% less than the day rate.

What is a day rate?

The day rate is for twenty four hours from time of collection
We refer to a day as an eight hour working shift but we do allow you twenty four hours from time of collection.
We don’t expect the equipment to work extra shifts or longer than eight hours in any given day.
The day rate can start at any time that you would like to collect the equipment.

What is a weekly rate?

The weekly rate is for seven days from time of collection.
We refer to a week as a forty hour working week or five, eight hour shifts but allow seven days from time of collection.
We don’t expect the equipment to work extra shifts or longer than forty hours in any given week.
In most cases we charge for four days and you get to keep the equipment for seven days.

What if I need to keep the equipment longer than I have paid for?

No worries.
Just give us a call to let us know that it won’t be back at the due date and time.
If it is only the difference between the half day or just an extra day or so you can pay the balance on return.
If it is likely that you will need it for longer than an extra few days we will invoice you from time to time and would expect this payment to be made on receipt of the invoice.
The main thing is that you get you job done.

What if I need the equipment for a long term hire?

Depending on the equipment, in most cases we are happy to offer a discount for extended hire

What if for some reason I cant use the equipment?

Some times for circumstances beyond your control you will find that you are unable to use the equipment. This may be weather related, emergencies or not being able to access the site etc.
The first thing you must do is ring us and discuss the situation.
Depending on the equipment and the time you intended to hire it we may stand it down for a period or if it is likely that you wont be able to use it for an extended period, then we may ask you to return it and we will give it back to you, at no cost when you are in a position to use it next.
If it is a, long term hire, as we only charge for four days out of seven and if you use it for four day in that week, then we will charge for four days.
However if you don’t let us know we will charge for time out, not time used.

Can I open a 30 day trading account?

Yes. We are happy to offer this to people and companies that intend to hire on a regular basis.
Either: down load the application from this web site or pick one up the next time you are in our showroom or ring us and we can post one to you.
Complete it in full, making sure you read our “Agreement for the hire of plant and equipment” sign it and either post or drop it back to us.
We should in most cases be able to confirm your new account within seven days of us receiving the completed form.

Is it a good idea to book the equipment in advance?

One thing we have a lot of in this industry is “Murphy’s Law” which means if you want it, then so will someone else, and if you don’t want it then no one else will!
So we always say it is a good idea to pre book if you know you are going to do a particular job on a given day.
With most of the equipment in our fleet, we run more than one of each but it is not uncommon to have them all out at once.
So as soon as you know you are going to need something, give us a call and we will hold it for when you need it. All we ask is if it turns out that you don’t need it, then just let us know so we can let someone else have it.

How will I work out what I need?

We can help you with this, as it is important that you use equipment for the purpose it was intended for. Incorrect operation can be dangerous.
We encourage you to pop in and explain your situation and we will try to advise what’s best for the job at hand.
Having said that, we are good but we are not super human. With a lot of jobs without seeing exactly what is what, we can only advise on what we think is needed and then it is up to the individual to ascertain what is right for their circumstances.

Will I be shown how to use it?

We sometimes try to show people how to us equipment that they use, just about every working day.
But when you hire equipment it is very important that it is used and operated in the way it was intended to be used.
We will show you how to use it and what its intended uses are.
On more complex pieces of equipment we can also give you a safety operation sheet to remind you, for when you get to the job.
If we feel you are not 100% competent we will try to advise you not to hire the equipment.

Who can use the equipment?

Almost any one over the age of 18 years of age, that is competent to do so, can use most of our equipment, on private property.
Construction sites require people to hold a licence in the use of most machines.
There are some machines like elevated work platforms that require special licences to operate and scaffold over a standing height of four meters also requires a riggers licence to erect.

What about safety?

Safety is all about common sense and lots of it.
You are responsible for you own safety and the safety of those around you.
A lot of the equipment available for hire can be dangerous if used incorrectly.
The following is a basic guide and should be used in conjunction with your own risk assessment and the conditions and circumstance you are in.

Keep children, other people and pets well clear of work area.
Keep hands, feet, loose clothing and hair clear of moving parts.
Ensure all guards are in place while operating equipment.
Disable equipment before making adjustments or fitting accessories and blades.
Shut down equipment if a fault develops.
Do not operate if drowsy or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Dial 1100 before you dig or bore to check location of underground services.

Safety Protection Clothing:
Always wear appropriate safety gear such as hearing protection, eye protection, safety boots, dust masks, gloves, hair nets and hard hats. No loose clothing.

Electrical Equipment:
Guard against electric shock.
Never operate in wet or damp conditions.
Always fully uncoil electric leads.
Use only heavy duty extension leads to Max of 15m or damage may result.
Keep electrical leads away from work area and check regularly for damage.

Petrol and Diesel Engines:
Always run engines in well ventilated areas only.
Stop engine and allow it to cool down before refuelling.
Do not smoke while refuelling or operating equipment.

High Pressure Equipment:
Never point a nozzle of any high pressure equipment at any part of your body or at other people.

Always lift with your legs.
Keep back straight.
Hug the load.
Get help with loads over 20kg or beyond you ability.

Do I need a licence to operate machinery?

Most machines can be operated at home or on private property without a licence.
Construction sites however require people to hold a Licence in the use of most machines.
Also there are some machines like elevated work platforms that require special licences to operate and scaffold over a standing height of four meters also requires a riggers licence to erect them.
If you are unsure please ring and we should be able to let you know

Will I need Fuel?

In most cases, the answer is no.
All of our equipment is sent out with a full tank of fuel.
If you hire a two stroke machine we will also give you an extra can of fuel as we want you to us our pre mixed fuel to ensure the right oil fuel ratio is used.
With small four stroke or unleaded machines, once you have used the first tank, then it is up to you to put more unleaded fuel in it to keep it going.
With larger machines we do charge for the fuel that is used.
These machines are usually diesel (But not always) and we find a lot of customers will fill them up on the way back to our yard as it is usually cheaper than for us to re fuel them here.

How do I get the equipment home?

A lot of our equipment will fit in the boot of most cars.
Some slightly larger units may require a van or station wagon.
There is also a lot of equipment that is built to be towed so all you need is a vehicle with a tow bar.
Larger peaces of equipment come with their own trailer at no extra cost. You must ascertain that you vehicle is suitable to tow the weight of these larger machines.
We can also deliver if needed however there is a charge for that service.
If you are unsure, please ask and we will try to advise and were possible we can some times, depending on the size of the equipment lend you a trailer free of charge to get the equipment to the site.

Do you have a delivery service?

Yes we do however there is a fee involved depending where the equipment needs to go.

Do I need to phone for collection or can I arrange this with the driver?

If you require us to collect any hire equipment you must phone the office once you have finished with it to arrange for it to be collected, as the driver can not make arrangements’ for its collection.
Please remember to safe guard the equipment until it has been collected.

What weight can I put in a trailer?

This will depend on the size of the trailer and the towing capacity of the tow vehicle.
It is the driver’s responsibility to know what the legal towing capacity of the tow vehicle is as we can not advise you on this.
As a guide, single axle trailers are usually rated for half a ton and double axle trailers rated at one ton.
Due to the braking system fitted to our larger trailers, including equipment and car carrying trailers, the maximum combined weight of the trailer and its load must not exceed two tons maximum.

How far can I go with your trailers?

We have a policy of not allowing our trailers to travel more than two hundred km from Adelaide. However talk to us with what you plan to do and we may be able to help depending on your intended destination.
We do not allow the trailers or hire equipment to go out side of South Australia.

What speed can I tow your equipment?

We have a maximum speed of 80 km on all of our trailers and equipment.

What if I get a flat tyre?

Unfortunately all tyre damage including punctures is at the hirers expense.
The biggest cause of tyre damage is excessive speed, over loading of the tyres, hitting curbs and sharp objects.

What if the machine won’t do my job?

If the machine is not doing what you intended or thought it would do, stop using it straight away as you run the risk of damaging it or even worse damaging your self.
Next thing you must do is contact us straight away.
By contacting us we may be able to advise what the problem is or what might be needed to complete your job. We will be much more sympathetic to your needs if you talk to us straight away rather than coming back 23 hour’s later and saying it did not do the job.

What if I damage or loose a machine?

Don’t worry to much as machines can be repaired. What’s more important is that you don’t damage yourself.
Unfortunately any major damage or loss of the equipment is your responsibility.
While the equipment is in your care you need to safe guard it from theft and use it in a way that it was designed to be used. So if it falls off the back of your Ute due to not being secured properly then that is your responsibility.
All we ask of you is that you return the equipment to us in the same condition that you received it in.
Any fair wear and tear is no problems.

What if a machine breaks down?

If the machine stops working properly for any reason, stop it straight away.
Our hire equipment gets serviced a hundred time’s more often than the manufacturer intended (after each and every hire) and were possible we only run heavy duty and recognized brands in our fleet but anything mechanical can break down.
Have a quick look to see that it is not something simple like out of fuel or the power supply has been cut etc.
Next contact us straight away and we will try to solve the problem. We will be much more sympathetic to your needs if you talk to us straight away rather than coming back 23 hour later and saying it did not work.
If for some reason we can’t get it going or we don’t have a replacement unit, we will either, give you a machine at a later time that suits you and give you extra time with it to finish your job, or give you a refund.
Our main objection is for you to get your job done.

Can I get insurances to cover loss or damage?

Some hire company’s offer what they call a “Damage Wavier”
This usually comes with a lot of strings attached.
We don’t offer insurance cover as we feel in most cases it some thing that you would not take up under normal circumstances.
We do point out that it is you responsibility that while the equipment is in your care that you safe guard it against theft and that you use it in the manner it was intended to be used. If you do this then it will be returned in the same condition as it was given to you. Fair wear and tear is accepted.

What are, the main pit falls or things I should look out for when hiring?

We charge for time out no time used. So please don’t forget to return it when you finish your job
We do charge for fuel on our larger machines. Please ask or see the question on “will I need fuel”
We do charge for tyre damage, accidental damage to equipment and for equipment not returned to us.
Unfortunately accidents happen and we can’t be there to watch over you.
However if you us common cense, use the equipment how it was intended to be used, and secure it against theft, then you should not have any problems.
We will scan your drivers licence and record cct video of you on our premises for security purposes, so if this offends you, please don’t hire from us.
Equipment not returned by its due date can in some circumstances be regarded as stolen so if you find that you require it longer just ring and let us know what you are doing

I have some equipment for sale; do you buy second hand equipment?

No in almost all cases we only buy new equipment.

Do you sell your equipment?

Even though our hire equipment is very well serviced, it does get worked hard.
So we have a policy not to sell it direct to the public as we can’t guarantee it.

Do you repair other people’s equipment?

Unfortunately no we don’t. However we can in most cases send you in the right direction so talk to us.

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