How Does Acrow Prop Help in Supporting the Construction Work?

Acrow prop plays the role of being a support system to the construction work. This equipment is used to provide support to beams or ceilings that are under renovation or alterations.

The Acrow prop is known as jack posts or adjustable steel columns. The telescopic steel piece in the shape of a tube provides support vertically. If you are new to Acrow prop or want to enhance your knowledge of its use, you are in the right place.

We will discuss how the Acrow prop works and how to use it safely at the construction site.

acrow props

What are Acrow Props?

The acrow props are tubular equipment supporting the ceilings and walls that bear weight. They provide temporary support and prevent the roof from collapsing. There is a screw on the outside of the equipment that is adjustable. You can adjust the length of the acrow prop according to your need. The acrow props come in various sizes, the small one having a minimum length of 1.05 m and extending up to 1.9 m. If you want a bigger size, you can go for the one with a minimum length of 2.2 m and extend up to the maximum length of 3.9 m. It consists of an inner and outer tube, which allows you to extend the tool.

You can use the acrow props at different places, such as:

Where is Acrow Prop Used?

  • Replacing the openings of a space such as doors.
  • Installing beams or concentre sections.
  • Supporting the construction of stairs, new columns and walls.
  • Supporting trench walls.

We now know the basic structure of acrow prop and where it is used. Knowing how to install it safely is essential if you plan on using it for your construction. Whether you buy or go for Acrow Prop Hire Woodville, it is crucial to know about its installation. Correctly using the equipment is essential to avoid any mishaps.

So let us know how acrow prop can be used safely.

How to Safely Install an Acrow Prop?

The key to a successful installation is ensuring the acrow prop is stably secured to the floor and ceiling. To achieve stable installation, you can do the following:

  • Check the Load-bearing Structure: It is important to check that the prop's ceiling and floor where you will place the prop are stable. The place where the equipment rests should be even and able to bear the weight of the prop.
  • Mark Before Beginning the Installation: See where you want to place the equipment and mark it. Measure how much space the plate will take and mark that place. Place your prop on the marking and carefully position it vertically. You can also take the help of experts for more accuracy in markings. 
  • Ensure the Prop is Upright: The acrow prop should be positioned vertically without slight tilts. If the prop is not installed upright, it can affect its load-bearing capacity. Also, the chances of the structure collapsing can increase. After you position the equipment, ensure the plates are properly attached to the ceiling and floor. 
  • Install the Prop at a Distance of 1 m: The distance between every prop should be at least one metre. The equipment positioned at equal distances ensures that the weight distribution is even. It is best to make sure that you have ample props to install for better load-bearing distribution. 
  • Use the Right Length: The acrow prop comes in various sizes. The brand offers various sizes, so make sure to check them out. Select the one which you think would be perfect for your project. You can also measure the ceiling height for a better choice.
  • Inspect the Supports at Intervals: Your work does not end with just installing the acrow props. To ensure safety, checking the prop throughout the project is best.


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