Need Equipment For Landscaping? Here’s What You Should Do

Just started your landscaping business? Do you not have a big budget to buy all the equipment?

No worries; we have a solution for you.

Whether you are planning to do DIY garden maintenance or expand your landscaping business, you will require different tools to perform other tasks.

The solution is one: Hire Equipment in Adelaide.

Garden Mulcher

Why Equipment Hiring is the Best Option?

Make your Work Simple & Easy: Suppose you are planning a DIY garden maintenance project. You might be full of excitement but not with ideal resources. This is where equipment hire gives you the opportunity to complete your project with more precision and in lease time.

Additionally, you don’t have to put in extra effort by doing everything manually. For instance, if you want to shred particles so that they can decompose in soil easily, it will take much time if you do it manually. However, Garden Mulcher Hire will make the entire process a breeze for you.

Enjoy greater flexibility and choice: How often do you need a particular equipment when doing gardening?

If you require a specialised tool, such as a shredder or hedge cutter rarely, hiring allows you to enjoy the benefits of quality equipment on a temporary basis. You can pick the ideal tools for each project easily when you need them.

Another scenario is you have a business, and you get a call for service for different sites; renting equipment in such a case can be your ideal solution instead of waiting for one team to complete the work and then start in a second location.

Remember, if you have already bought garden equipment, then you might feel obliged to try and use it again - even if it is outdated or not quite right for your needs.

Low Maintenance: When you buy equipment, no matter big or small, it requires regular maintenance to keep it running in the same condition for a long time. This means you need to invest in the equipment until it's working.

But this is not the case with renting. Here, you just rent equipment for a particular time, use it, and return it. The maintenance part is on the company from whom you rent the tool.

In short, renting is the best option to get access to a range of equipment, and you might not have heard of the names of a few.

The following is the list of equipment you require for landscaping.

Must-Have Tools for Landscaping

  • Blower Vac
  • Brush and Grass Slasher
  • Brush Cutter (Hand Held)
  • Chipper
  • Garden Mulcher
  • Garden Roller or Lawn Roller
  • Irrigation Trencher
  • Lawn Corer or Aerator
  • Lawn Mower
  • Lawn Scarifier or Dethatcher
  • Log Splitter
  • Pole Hedge Trimmers (Petrol)
  • Pole Pruning Saw
  • Power Sweeper Broom
  • Rotary Hoe
  • Sod Cutter or Turf Cutter
  • Spiked Roller or Lawn Aerating Roller
  • Stump Grinder
  • Tiller or Cultivator

The above listed are just a few examples of equipment. The list is quite long, and based on your requirements, you will get the tool.

However, if you are doing DIY maintenance for the first time and are not sure which tool would be perfect for which task, you can get the assistance of experts from whom you will rent the tool.


Equipment hire is an ideal option for almost every industry. It is also quite popular in Australia, as it helps save time and money. If you are someone who has just started your landscaping business or is doing DIY home garden maintenance, contact our experts at All Equipment Hire to rent a tool you need for your next project.