All You Need to Know About Trailer Hire in Adelaide

Are you someone looking for a perfect equipment that can help in the easy movement of goods?

Then, a trailer is the ultimate equipment for making work easier and faster. It is ideal for construction projects that require moving heavy goods or objects from one place to another. Also, it comes in many types, each with its own uses. However, the use of trailers is not just limited to construction sites. One can use this equipment to move machinery, light vehicles or even personal items like furniture.

If you are in charge of carrying out a commercial project or want to transport personal goods to a new location, you should consider a trailer to make your work efficient. It is an ideal option that provides you with many benefits.

trailer hire in Adelaide

If you do not know which type of trailer will get your work done, then don't worry. We will discuss the different types of trailers and why you should rent one instead of buying one

So, keep on reading further to gain a better insight.

Top 5 Trailers for Hire That Make Relocation of Goods Easy

Here is a list of trailers you can choose from to optimise your work:

1. Flat Deck Car Trailer

It contains an open deck that has no roof or sides. The open trailer is closer to the ground, making loading and unloading goods or light equipment easy. Some of the things that you can load on a flat deck car trailer include bulky goods, long equipment, and light commercial vehicles. The trailer usually comes with a winch and ramp to load and place the goods on the deck properly.

2. Enclosed Trailer

An enclosed trailer comes with a roof and sides, unlike a flat deck trailer. You can go for this type of trailer hire if you need to transport goods or equipment that needs protection from sunlight, dust, debris and rain. Some examples of such goods include electric appliances, furniture, construction materials, and gardening materials.

3. Cage Trailers

The cage trailers provide a structure that withholds goods during the journey. However, cage trailers differ from enclosed trailers as they do not protect the goods from dust or sun exposure. It is ideal for goods that need to be left in the open air but also requires an enclosure for properly securing goods in one place.

4. Tip Trailers

You can use tip trailers to transport loose cargo, such as sand or cement. The trailer consists of a deck that has sides to it, but it has no roof over it. The best part about a tip trailer is that it contains hydraulic tipping of the tray. The hydraulic tray helps lift the deck to the top and tilt it, which helps to pour loose materials quickly. If you go for a tip trailer hire, then make sure to check if its loading capacity is optimum according to your needs.

5. Mobile Hydraulic Trailer with Mounted Platform

The hydraulic trailer with the mounted platform is ideal for those who want flexibility in trailer usage. This trailer comes with a boom arm that can easily reach in challenging areas. It also has four legs attached to it, which gives the equipment support in uneven places. All these features of the mobile hydraulic trailer make it a great pick when it comes to building or altitude projects.

You can choose from any of the above options if you are looking to transport goods without any hassle. After you select which kind of trailer will cater to your needs, the next thing you need to decide is whether to buy or go for Trailer Hire in Adelaide. In most cases, renting the equipment is a better option. But how do you know if hiring would be beneficial for you?

Don't worry if you are confused. Here are some points that signal in which cases you should go for trailer hire.

Why Should You Go for a Trailer Hire Instead of Buying One?

  • Short Term Use: When you need a trailer for a short period, including for a one-time project or your own use, hiring it is the better option. It allows you to avoid taking on the responsibility of owning a trailer, such as arranging finances, making registration, and maintaining it. Also, your money is well spent, as you only pay for what you use in the case of trailer hire.
  • Storage Issues: A trailer requires a storage facility that is cool and moisture-free. If you fail to keep the equipment in a proper storage facility, damage can occur to it. The external environment, such as dust, humidity and excessive sun exposure, can deteriorate the equipment. Look for a trailer and "Tool Hire Near Me" if you don't have enough storage space.
  • Finances: Buying a trailer can lead to a significant flow of your money. Also, even after purchasing, you will need to spend money on maintaining and repairing the equipment. So, if you do not want to pour all your money into buying the trailer, you should rent instead of buy. You get the benefits of the equipment at a reasonable price when renting. So, with trailer hire, you do not need to invest much money to be efficient with your work.


Hiring a trailer can be a game changer for you, whether you need it for your construction project or just want to make transporting your furniture easy. You can ensure that you rent the best trailer with All Equipment Hire. Our experts will guide you on which trailer would be ideal to fulfil your requirements. So, if you are willing to make the transportation process easier by renting a trailer, then contact us now.