Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Trailer Hire

Do you often need to travel a short distance to deliver goods, regardless of your industry?


This is a common necessity across various sectors, including construction, warehousing, and even businesses that require transporting stuff to nearby markets.

Well, now you can make small-distance travel more convenient.

Wondering how?

By Renting a Trailer!

trailer hire in Adelaide

What is a Trailer?

A trailer is a wheeled container pulled by a car or another vehicle designed to transport large or heavy cargo. Essentially, a trailer is an unpowered vehicle typically towed by a powered one.

It is a reliable way to transport goods and materials, from landscaping supplies and animals to machinery and equipment. So, if you are planning to start any DIY project where you thing you might need it, start searching for Trailer Hire Adelaide.

The following are the different types of trailers that are used for different purposes and industries.

Different Types of Trailers

  • Box Trailer
  • Cage Trailer
  • Enclosed Trailer
  • Flat Deck Car Trailer
  • Open Deck Car Trailer
  • Tip Trailer

Industries Where Trailer Hire Can Be Helpful

Trailers are essential equipment used in various industries. With their ability to efficiently transport and unload heavy materials, trailers offer versatility and convenience.

Let's see the instances where you can use a trailer to make your process convenient:

  • Construction Industry: Trailers are essential in the construction industry for transporting and unloading materials like gravel, sand, dirt, and debris. They streamline the process of moving and distributing materials, whether for large-scale construction projects or small home renovations. For one-time projects, such as a home renovation that requires bringing materials from the market or disposing of construction waste, renting a trailer is a practical option.
  • Landscaping and Outdoor Maintenance: In landscaping and outdoor maintenance, tasks often require moving large quantities of soil, mulch, rocks, and other materials. Trailers are essential for transporting these heavy loads to and from job sites efficiently. Their tilt and unload capabilities allow for quick and easy distribution, significantly saving time and effort.
  • Waste Management and Cleanup: Trailers are equally invaluable for waste management and cleanup projects. They are commonly used to haul and dispose of construction waste, demolition debris, and other waste materials. Those who DIY renovations and landscape maintenance can find it helpful in dumping materials at designated disposal facilities.
  • Agriculture and Farming: Apart from the above-listed industries, trailers play a huge role in agriculture. For instance, trailers play a key role in transporting hay from the storage unit to the livestock shelter.

They are also perfect for delivering livestock products to the marketplace.

Though renting is undoubtedly the best option, there is still debate whether to rent it or buy it.

Well, by understanding the cons and pros of renting, you will get a clear picture.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Trailer



Renting a trailer can be more cost-effective

Depending on your location and rental company, availability of trailers may be limited

The flexibility of renting allows you to select the right type and size of property

Renting offers short-term convenience, it doesn't provide any equity or long-term investment

Renting eliminates the responsibility of trailer maintenance

The use of the rental property may be restricted by the rental agreement

Good for people with limited capital.


Renting may end up costing more money in long term

Lease payments are often times tax deductible.


When you rent equipment, you don't build equity.


A trailer can be a great help not just to complete small tasks but also to big projects.

Above, we have mentioned both the options of renting and buying and the pros and cons.

Now you have to decide which option suits you best. If you are thinking of renting, contact our team now. They will help you find the ideal type of trailer. No matter what type of Tool Hire you are looking for? You will get it from us.