Garden Mulcher

Garden Mulcher used to turn small green tree branches shrubs and leaves into mulch.

All Equipment Hire offers a garden mulcher for hire in Australia to turn their garden waste into a beautiful haven.

These mulchers are swift and effective types of equipment that allow the disposal of rubbish, clear gardens, and shred trees at a reasonable rate. These yard shredders are sturdy and dependable as well. They have 27 hardened blades and are made of steel. The branches are chopped into 9mm-sized chips by the blades. Wood chips can be thrown away or used for compost.

Garden chippers are perfect for clearing, remodelling, landscaping, and cleanup after storms.

At All Equipment Hire, we offer a variety of compact and more enormous mulchers for hire. Our team is happy to assist, whether you require a temporary hire or a longer-term solution.

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Garden Mulcher used to turn small green tree branches shrubs and leaves into mulch and compost.

Max size up to 50mm (2”) capacity.

Good for spreading on garden beds.

Please Phone 83455722 for pricing and further information

Personal Safety Gear Recommended.

Dust, Ear, Eye and Hand Protection

Your own risk assessment must be undertaken.

Use in well ventilated areas

Loose Fitting Clothes NOT Recommended

Transport Required:
Trailer Mounted, tow bar required

Why is hiring garden mulchers a boom for your garden?

Imagine enjoying your garden’s beauty with your loved ones without having to do much work because of the power of garden mulchers. You won’t need to invest in them; just hire these pieces of equipment whenever you need them and return them to the rental company after work.

Here are some benefits of hiring garden mulchers for your garden:

Time savers: Life is hectic! We can’t deny the fact. Hiring garden mulchers allows you to devote your time to somewhere else, which significantly matters. You can appreciate your garden’s beauty and feel at ease knowing that it is in the capable hands of specialists, whether you’re working, lounging, or spending time with loved ones.

Easy operation: Easy-to-follow controls and clear instructions make operating our wood chippers and lawn shredders easy, ensuring that you can finish your project swiftly and safely.

Transportability: Our mulchers are both lightweight and portable, which means you get added convenience whenever you use them.
Durability: We build our garden shredders and wood chippers with premium materials that can withstand heavy use. They can easily last for longer projects that demand heavy use.

Versatility: Our wood chippers and garden mulchers can be used for various tasks, such as landscaping, tree maintenance, and general garden waste management, because of their capacity to process a wide range of materials.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experts at All Equipment Hire if you have any queries regarding specific machines or our garden shredder rental services. We have enough expertise and knowledge, so you can count on us to respond to your enquiries about mulcher hire in as much or as little detail as you require. Get in touch with us now!


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