Sabre Saw

When carrying out demolition work, workers’ safety is essential. This is why you need sturdy, durable and comfortable tools to help you with the project you are working on. These power tools help you do the task rightfully without endangering your life.

Thus, demolition tools are developed in such a way that will help you in all your projects. One such tool that is gaining popularity these days is the Sabre Saw.

Also known as reciprocating saws, these are commonly used for demolition and renovation projects. These can cut through materials more swiftly and efficiently than other saw types.



Their advantages include:

Versatility: A sabre saw is one of the most valuable instruments you can own. It can cut through many different materials, such as brick, metal, plastic and wood. This makes it an excellent tool for various tasks, such as cutting pipes for plumbing repairs, lumber for a deck, and pruning trees.

Manoeuvrability: The small blade of a sabre saw allows for excellent manoeuvrability and the ease of cutting intricate shapes and tight turns. This is particularly useful for tasks requiring cutting precisely in confined areas.

Reachability: A sabre saw’s long blade enables you to perform cuts that would be difficult with other equipment and reach into confined areas. This works well for cutting branches off all trees, cutting pipes behind walls, and making other cuts in hard-to-reach places.

Cutting flush: Sabre saws may cut through a material entirely without leaving any residue, unlike reciprocating saws, which leave a stub of material behind. They are, therefore, a fantastic option for tasks requiring a polished, tidy appearance.

If you are looking for corded and cordless sabre saws for hire, explore our range today and pick any that will suit your project. Our saws can cut straight and curved sheets of material, including wood, plastic, metal and plasterboard.

Our electric reciprocating saws work best for people working on construction, demolition, installation and plumbing projects on the job site.

We can help you with your next demolition project by providing you with the best demolition tool, Sabre Saw.


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